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Our collections

Discover our handmade jewelry collections made in Barcelona.

Natural colors

Silver and yellow gold jewelry with natural stones that fill magical moments with color and light.


Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Oval jewelry collection, where sophistication meets beauty. Each piece of jewelry in our exquisite collection is meticulously designed in the shape of an oval, a figure that symbolizes harmony and perfect balance.

Barcelona essence

Jewelry inspired by the iconic flower-shaped tiles of the streets of Barcelona, our pieces capture their charm and cultural heritage. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, each jewel is a symbol of Barcelona's vibrant energy. Take a little piece of this wonderful city with you!

Solidarity galets

Buying jewelry from this collection, you are collaborating with ARRELS FUNDACIÓ, a foundation that is always at the side of those who need it most.


Wisdom and art in jewellery.


Jewel-shaped symbology, V for Victoria.

Fruits de tardor

Textures, shapes and colors offers us autumn to inspire us in our collection.


Among flowers they receive us and among them they say goodbye.
-Frida Kahlo-

Of summer

Jewels with Mediterranean airs.

Spring souls

This year more than ever life blooms again in spring.

Horse star

Jewelry collection created from a seahorse made by our father, grandfather and teacher: Lluís Comín Peña.


Collection created from the real lip print.


Mermaid, beautiful aquatic creature. Shining in the sun, dressed in the sea. Rich in myths and legends.
This magic creature is the star of this collection.


Collection inspired by the harmony of the human body.


Jewelry collection inspired by the marine nature of Akumal Beach, Mexico.
A unique corner, fascinating for its shapes, colors, textures and materials. An extraordinary natural paradise that radiates beauty and inspiration for its diversity of marine treasures and landscapes.


Simple shapes...
Rhythms of nature that help us make pieces full of harmony.

Dry leaf

Autumn inspired jewelry collection.